New Guest Haircuts

$120 - Short Cut - Bobs, Pixies, Mini Mullets


$145 -Fine to Medium hair types, length above mid back

$190 - Thick, Extra long (past mid back), Curly Cuts, Big Transformations, Donation Cuts


Maintenance Cuts for Returning Guests

$95 - Short Cut - Pixies, Bobs, Mini Mullets

$120 - Signature Cut - Fine to medium hair types, shags, mullets, long layers. 

$145 - Deluxe - Thick, Extra long & Curly Cuts

$190 - Transformative - Big Transformations, Donations Cut

Dry Cuts for Returning Guests

$95 - Dry Haircut

            Must come with clean & dry hair. Full cut on dry hair.

$65 - Deluxe Bang Trim

            Bang and face frame trim + weight removal. 

$35 - Bang Trim Only


Color Services 

$100 per hour - Highlights and Global Color

$105 per hour - Custom color / Highlights & lowlights / Grey Coverage + Highlights 

$115 per hour - Custom Vivids / Fashion colors

Consultation may be required. Please email with pictures of your current hair color and inspiration pics before booking. 


Holistic Services

$45 - Oway Holistic Scalp Detox - exfoliating and detoxifying scalp scrub with red clay and a custom blend of organic essential oils. 

$20 MyVeg - Nourishing Phytotherapy Hair Mask - instantly nourishes hair, adding shine and strength and repairing damage. Peppermint and sage create a warming and tingling sensation to stimulate microcirculation in the scalp. These essential oils are believed to help relieve migraines and promote energy. 


Hair Repair Treatments 

$35 - Olaplex 4-1 Moisture Mask - Packed with professional strength ceramides, oils, 11 amino acids plus Olaplex patented bond technology to repair and moisturize hair. This highly concentrated reparative mask adds intense moisture, body, smoothness, and  shine to damaged hair. 

$65 - Olaplex Intense Repair System for very damaged hair. Starts with the original Olaplex duo 1 & 2 to repair broken disulfide bonds after chemical damage. Finish with Olaplex 4-1 to replenish the hair with moisture.