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2 Hour Cut / New Guest Haircut | $240 New guests are required to book a 2 hour haircut. This ensures I have enough time to give a thorough consultation and  address each guest's specific needs. Guests who are doing big transformations, donation cuts, have thick curly hair, or haven't had an appointment with me in 2+ years should book this service. 

1.5 Hour Cut | $180 - Full service haircut for returning guests with hair length below shoulders.  

1 Hour Cut | $120 - Dry cut or short cut trim for returning guests.


Refresh Cut | $60 - 30 minute dry cut to refresh bangs, face framing, and weight removal. Must come with clean dry hair.


Bang Trim | $30 - 15 minutes. Bang Trim ONLY. Must come with clean dry hair. (Online booking not available - email to book.)

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