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Non-Toxic Haircare 


Cult + King is small batch company based out of Utah that creates the finest natural, botanical, sustainable haircare, skincare & shave products. They use only the purest essential oils, ethically-harvested natural botanicals, & organic ingredients.  The products are PH balanced for skin and hair.  All vegan with the exception of organic beeswax in BALM and STYLE. All products comes in refillable glass bottles. Aluminum refill packs are available for purchase through their website.


Made intentionally in California, we utilize innovative skincare methodology to formulate products of substance. Our attention to detail at every stage of the process—from mindfully sourced vegan ingredients, to comprehensive in-salon and lab testing, rigorous sustainability protocols, and considered packaging choices—is our commitment to creating alchemy in a bottle. A ritual that stands above and apart.


Australia-born hair colour, haircare and styling products that are safe, effective and beautiful to use. O&M product formulas  replace harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals, including native Australian ingredients like Lilly Pilly, Banksia Flower, Quandong, Tasmanian Sea Kelp and Davidson Plum, as well as quality essential oils that deliver real benefits.


Oway is a organic and sustainable hair and skin care line passionate about respecting the health of people, animals and the environment. Oway uses only the healthiest and cleanest method - without chemicals- to extract pure and ultra effective essential oils. All products are synthetic fragrance free only scented by essential oils. Oway packages all products in glass or aluminum which are completely & infinitely recyclable unlike plastic. 

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